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I'm an "escort," to use the euphemism, which gives me a unique perspective on a potential, and particular, cultural fallout as "Brokeback Mountain" widens out movie that, as a child or adult, tripped their internal gay trigger.
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  • Ang Lee says Heath Ledger 'based Brokeback Mountain gay cowboy on a relative'.
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  • Brokeback Mountain () - Trivia - IMDb.
  • Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio turned down Brokeback Mountain!
  • 'Brokeback' breach for repressed men / Film's message -- this could be you?

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The turning point can be dramatic, say a near-fatal car crash that "really put things into perspective," or something as simple as catching sight of a young man crossing Vine whose gait is startlingly reminiscent of someone never really forgotten.

Heath Ledger Was Really, Really Serious About Gay Rights In 'Brokeback Mountain'

Or even a potent movie or image. I've heard them all. Haunted by either a screening or maybe simply the online photos and promotional trailer, he writes, "I just want him back; more than anything, just come back to me and tell me you love me. Based on my own set of testimonials, I think a lot of the closeted men who'll dare see the movie in a theater, who in the office of their Topeka law firm can already mouth along to the trailer as it streams over their computer screens, will be unable to suppress what "Brokeback" shakes loose.

Brokeback Mountain - Best Moments Ennis del Mar & Jack Twist

After the second or third time a man trucks back home to International Falls from the multiplex, and then maybe the gay bar, in Duluth, the family computer's potential to track down his bible camp paramour may prove too tempting. Men will take risks after seeing this film.


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Jake would love nothing more than to run off with Ennis, but Ennis is tepid. His marriage, his daughters—how would it all work? And it does have this [feel] of the macho western, but with the gay love story. That makes it very unusual and very attractive to me.

Ang Lee says Heath Ledger 'based Brokeback Mountain gay cowboy on a relative' | Daily Mail Online

They get choked up. For the most part, Lee was not plagued with the potential controversy that Brokeback could spawn.

Could middle-America actually embrace a gay cowboy story, regardless of how poignant and universal the tale actually was? Are you reserved? How honest are you? Those were the big things for me. I would imagine there would be political ramifications when it comes out. Back in , most critics panned his Hulk. Still, the film was a bonanza at the box office and seemed to be the perfect mainstream follow-up to his award-winning foreign treat, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.